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Visumdienst Breda
Laatste update:
27-03-2020 11:45u




For Dutch, Belgian, German and British travellers we can now apply online for an Evisa, Passengers will get their visa stamped in the passport upon arrival at an Indian airport. It only takes 3 days, and applicants do not have to go in person to the Indian visa office. It is applicable for tourists and occasional business travellers. This type of visa is valid for a stay of 60 days with two entries, it cannot be extended and can be issued twice a year. Call us for information. This is an easy, cheaper and fast way to get a visa.  This Evisa can also be used for cruisepassengers to the ports of Cochin, Goa, Kochi, Mangalore and Mumbai

In other cases, visas must be applied for in person at one of the Indian visa offices. Please note: the Indian consulate in The Hague does not accept visa applications for British citizens, unless they have a Dutch residence permit. For non-resident British citizens applications have to be processed in London. See http://in.vfsglobal.co.uk/ . Unfortunately we cannot deal with these applications, because The Indian High commission requires that every applicant goes in person.

The Visa application form has to be completed online on http://www.indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/ and then printed and signed. If you make changes after the form was printed, the form is no longer valid and has te be completed again.

The applicant has to go in person to one of the visa centres, either in  Amsterdam (till 12:00 hrs), The Hague (till 15:00 hrs) or Rotterdam (till 12:00 hrs).  We can, however, make a rush appointment in The Hague. Then the passenger can apply for his visa within three days, there is no delay at the desk, and if necessary the visa can be ready that very evening.

Please note: People always have to apply in person for their first application. For a consecutive application we can handle it,  provided that the visa was applied for in the same passport and page 2 of the printed application form mentions that te biometric data of the application were stored.

For a visa application you must bring   two colour photographs of 5 x 5 cm,  the shoulders must be visible on the photograph, but must not be bare. Look here for the details. The application form must be signed twice.

For each foreigner (except British), applying his visa through the Indian embassy of The Hague, an authorization "telex" must be applied for at the Indian embassy in the home country of the applicant. This is done by the embassy. This process takes c. 6 days. Only after the approval  the visa can be issued. We must prove that this person has lived in The Netherlands for more than 2 years.

Tourist visas are only issued to people who did not have a business visa before.  

General requirements for visa applications:

- All names as appearing in the passport must be filled up, all questions must be answered

- 2 photo's must be 2 x 2 " (5x 5 cm) with a white background


- Application form for tourists  with two photographs 2 x 2 ", white background, shoulders visible, no (women!) bare shoulders), and a declaration form;

- a recent bank statement covering the last month and mentioning of the regular income (wages, pension, scholarship)
- for unemployed people: proof of inscription at Social services or (Netherlands) UWV and ea recent bank statement- for students: letter (in English) from his school, bank statement or financial guarantee form parents;

- all applications other than for single entry (double entry, multiple entry and for cruises) take one week to be considered and another week to be issued. If after the consideration week it is decided that the application is rejected there is no refund of the charges due. 

For BUSINESS VISAS the consulate requires more documentation:

The application form must be fully completed, all questions must be answered; also
this form must be completed;
In the guarantee letter of the company the position and function of the applicant must be explained;
The invitation from India the Company Registration Number of the Indian company must be mentioned; in the letter the full name and passport-number of the person concerned must be mentioned, The letter must be addressed to the Indian embassy in The Hague.
A copy of the flight schedule is required;
Please mind: in the invitation letter and/or the guarantee letter the passport number of the person concerned must be mentioned.

If the nationality of the applicant is not Dutch, you must add a copy of an "Uitreksel van de Gemeentelijke basisadministratie (GBA)" in which is clearly stated when the applicant settled in The Netherlands. If this foreigner has lived here for less than 1 year (for tourists) or 2 years (business people), the consulate must apply for a "telex" (consent) from the Indian consulate in the native country of this applicant.

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