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Visumdienst Breda
Laatste update:
27-03-2020 11:45u


United States of America


Passengers  to the U.S.A. (arriving by regular airliner or on a cruise vessel) who do not need a visa (travelling under the visa-waiver for tourism or business) must obtain an electronic travel authorization before they can board an aircraft, even if they are only in transit. The  charges for this ESTA authorization are 14 US$, to be paid by (anyone's, not necessarily your own)) credit-card after the online application..  Click here for more details, and here you can apply. People who do not have this ESTA-clearance will be refused by the airliner. All other people in need of a visa must apply in person at the US Consulate. People who have a valid visa do not to need this ESTA-authorization. This ESTA-clearance is not required for people, travelling overland into the USA from Canada or Mexico.  Please bear in mind that an ESTA-application takes 72 hours.

People who have travelled to Iran Iraq, Libya, Syria, Sudan or Yemen after March 1, 2011, can not use the visa waiver facility. Click here to see the information of the US Customs and Border Control.

Please note: when completing the application do it carefully and correctly: mistakes are only noticed when you check-in at the airport and then you will be refused.. Married women must fill up the name as mentioned in the passport, usually their maiden name. In passport-numbers there is no O (capital o) but only the 0 (zero). When filling up do not use the backspace or cursor keys, this might corrupt the form and result in a refusal. And moreover: you have to answer a number of quuestions. If the answer to one of these questions is "Yes" the ETA-application will be denied and you will have to apply in person at the US consulate. As for health problems: answer with "No" if you do not have a disease that could be infective for American citizens.

When travelling on an ETA the passport has to be valid till after the intended stay in the U.S.A, not longer, as often suggested. When you fysically apply for a visa at the consulate your paspport must be valid for six months.

Those who are not eligible for the ESTA-procedure or need a visa for other purposes or for a longer stay can find information on the website of the US Consulate in Amsterdam or Brussels.

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