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Visumdienst Breda
Last update:
03-04-2020 13:34u
Alert: no visa required, but ESTA-registration, see news

Visa order information United States of America (US)

Will you soon be traveling to United States of America? On holiday in United States of America? Or go for business to United States of America? You will find all information about applying for your visa for United States of America. Visumdienst is experienced to arrange visa application, so that your travel documents for United States of America are in order!

Visa needed
West-european citizens do not need a visa (for touristic of business trips < 90 days), but they do need an ESTA. Visumdienst can arrange it for you.
Send application to
ESTA via Visumdienst Breda. If a visa is required: personal application at US consulate after appointmet on T 020 7940808 (charges $ 15 on creditcard)
valid till after intended stay. Emergency passports are not accepted.


Lange Voorhout 102
2514 EJ 's-Gravenhage


Museumplein 19
1071 DJ Amsterdam

Requirements for visa application

valid till after intended stay. Emergency passports are not accepted.
Number of application forms
Allowed to download the application form?
Application form and task form
Please do fill in both forms
Download application forms ESTA application
Remark: complete and mail to us with passport copy
Download application forms
Remark: download the form
Instructions for filling up Toon alle informatie
Number of (passport size) photographs
1 photo, 5 x 5 cm (2x2") 
Business trip
Tourist trip

Other requirements
if visa is necessary: personally ofr by mail.
** application form to be filled up online
* no visa necessary for business/tourism up to 90 days, only ESTA-application
arrival by airliner or overland from Canada/Mexico
people who do need a visa must go personally to the consulate
Visa charges

hier bovenop komen de kosten voor bemiddeling, verzenden en BTW
Delay for application
one week 
Use visa before
Validity to stay
90 days
Number of entries
Visum requirements according to embassy

Other data United States of America

Language on Embassy/Consulate
dutch, english

Visit USA Center

Wildenborch 6
T: 020-4151593
  Url: http://visitusa.nl
Email: center@visitusa.nl

Netherlands Embassy in United States of America

4200 Linnean Avenue, NW
Washington DC 20008

T: 00-1 202 2445300
F: 00-1 202 3623430
Url: http://www.netherlands-embassy.org
Email: info@dutchhelp.com

Netherlands Consulate in United States of America

1 Rockefeller Plaza, 11th fl
New York NY 10020-2094

T: 00-1 212 2461429
F: 00-1 212 3333603
Url: http://www.cgny.org  
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Visumdienst Breda
Postbus 4786
tel 076 - 56 12 139

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