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Visumdienst Breda
Last update:
03-06-2020 13:30u

Visa order information United Arab Emirates (AE)

Will you soon be traveling to United Arab Emirates? On holiday in United Arab Emirates? Or go for business to United Arab Emirates? You will find all information about applying for your visa for United Arab Emirates. Visumdienst is experienced to arrange visa application, so that your travel documents for United Arab Emirates are in order!

Visa needed
Send application to
6 months valid upon arrival


Eisenhowerlaan 130
2517 KN 's-Gravenhage
Rue des Colonies 11
B-1000 Brussel

Requirements for visa application

6 months valid upon arrival
Number of application forms
Allowed to download the application form?
Application form and task form
Please do fill in both forms
Instructions for filling up Toon alle informatie
Number of (passport size) photographs
Business trip

Tourist trip

Other requirements

visa issued upon arrival
Business travellers must get an "Exit Permit" from the Immif=-gation Desk at the airport.
Visa charges
free for a stay of max. 1 month
hier bovenop komen de kosten voor bemiddeling, verzenden en BTW
Delay for application
Use visa before
Validity to stay
30 days, can be extended with 30 days
Number of entries
Visum requirements according to embassy
Extra information on visa application Show all information


The Embassy of The UAE provides limited issuing service for visas. Primarily, it concerns visits of an official nature or certain types of business. Therefore, visas for general visits (including passengers in transit wishing to leave the transit area) are arranged through a sponsor in the UAE. Most major hotels are able to sponsor and arrange visas; however, the service should be requested well in advance. Some visitors have their visas arranged through companies with which they have contacts, or relatives resident in the UAE.

IMPORTANT: The visa confirmation MUST be obtained before departure.

The procedure for arranging visas through a sponsor in the UAE is a well-established one and has been exercised for many years now. The process of arranging visas in this way takes between one and five days. (Extra time should be added in case of UAE public holidays.)

Sponsorship means an invitation for the visit and therefore the acceptance of a measure of responsibility for the visitor during his/her stay.

This method of arranging visas is appropriate for tourist visitors intending to stay at a hotel (including travellers on stopover visits for a day or two) and those wishing to visit their relatives or friends in the UAE. It is also suitable for business travellers who may find it inconvenient to make application to the Brussels Embassy in person.

SPONSOR: The sponsor may be any individual resident or corporqtion based in the UAE. The categories of sponsors may be rendered as follows:
- A business contact at whose invitation the visit is being made;
- A relative working or resident in the UAE;
- A hotel at which the applicant has made a reservation ( Travel agencies are in a position to arrange visas through hotels as well.)

1- The applicant’s particulars (copy of the passport showing photo and validity details) are sent to the sponsor at least five days prior to the planned travel date.
2- The sponsor makes the application to the immigration authority in the Emirate of residence. When the visa/entry permit is approved it is then forwarded to the immigration at the airport of visitor’s arrival.
3- The sponsor confirms to the visitor that the visa has been arranged (usually by sending a fax copy), and that he/she will be met at the airport on arrival.

Other data United Arab Emirates

Language on Embassy/Consulate

Netherlands Embassy in United Arab Emirates

Al Masaood Tower, Hamdan Street, apt 601
Abu Dhabi UAE
P.O.Box 46560, Abu Dhabi, UAE
T: 00-971 2 6958000
F: 00-971 2 6313158
Url: http://vae.nlambassade.org
Email: abu-cdp@minbuza.nl

Netherlands Consulate in United Arab Emirates

Al Habtooir Business Tower, 30th floor
Dubai Marina, Dubai , UAE

T: +9714 4407600
F: +9714 4407640
  Email: dba@minbuza.nl
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