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Visumdienst Breda
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30-03-2020 16:54u


For most countries you can download the application forms, stored in *.pdf format. Please note: you need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and print them. If you do not have this program you can click on the Adobe logo in order to download it. It is free from viruses.

You can download an application form by clicking on the desired country. Once it appears on your screen you can print it. Most application forms (marked with * can be completed on screen before printing. Please note that your printer is loaded with white A4–paper sheets. Application forms printed on letter paper with logo are not accepted.

Additionally, we gladly receive an order form with your application. This gives us the opportunity to check whether you have enclosed all the necessary documentation, and moreover this form gives us all the information required for handling your application correctly.

Forms with an * can be completed on screen and then printed. Of course you can first print and complete them afterwards. You must always sign the forms after completion!

Guarantee letter:
Download English Guarantee letter in Word format (for copy & paste on your own letters)
Download English Guarantee letter ASCII format 

Download French Guarantee letter in Word format (for copy & paste on your own letters)
Download French Guarantee letter in ASCII format

Order forms:

* Order form for corporate customers
* Order form private customers 

Application forms:



* only for business visas
visa into the Schengen area Those in need of a visa to a Schengen country can find information here.





* Belgium

* Brussels
* Brussels only for Belgian residents
* Brussels

* e-vtsa

* e-visa
* for a touristic stay < 3 months

* extra form business


* legalization

* authorisation each person applying for a visa has to complete and sign this form

* private
travelplan non-immigrant To be added when applying for a non-immigrant visa

student visa instructions

tourist visa for a stay > 30 days, to be applied for at embassy
parental authorisation for minors
declaration 2nd passport must be completed by people who have a 2nd passport + a copy of the 2nd passport must be added to the application

* for ex-Myanmar citizen
for former Myanmarese

exaple of business invitation
work visa instructions
* business
* business
* business
business to be applied for in advance
Afghanistan tourism
* Afghanistan business
* Algeria English form
* Algeria French form
* Algeria Brussels Appplication form for Brussels (only for Belgian residents)
Algeria Brussels extra form for business visa
Angola personal application
* Australia 1400: work visa short stay (< 3 months)
* Australia 1066 business long stay
* Australia 1221 extra documentation for foreigners on a famliy visit
* Australia 1273 Maritime crew
* Australia 1419 tourist visa for stay > 3 months
* Australia 147 practical traineeship, add form 956
* Australia 26 medical examination for people of 75 yo and older
Australia 913: nomination for practical traineeship visa
* Australia student visa to be lodged online
* Australia temporary workvisa long stay
Australia Working holdiay through Visumdienst
* Australia working holiday visa to be lodged online
Australia 957
* Azerbaijjan
* Bahrain
* Bangladesh
Bangladesh tourism extra form for tourists
Belarussia example invitation
Bosnia Herzegowina
* Brazil online form can only be opened wit Internet Explorer
* Burkina Faso private
* Burma
* Burma work history
* Burundi The Hague
* Cambodia
* Cameroon
Cameroon Brussels only for Belgian residents
* Canada student visa
* Canada work visa
Cape Verde
* Central-African Republic
* Chad
* China e-visa tourism e-visa tourism. Please be aware of the conditions
* China The Hague: privacy declaration required for all visa applications in The Hague
China photo requirements
* China new application form
China employers declaration example for a tourist visa
* Congo Brazzaville
Costa Rica
* Cuba tourist visa complete this form and mail it to info@visumdienst.com
* Cuba business visa
* Djibouti
* East Africa Visa Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda on one visa at least 2 countries must be visited
Egypt business visa Applicationform for visa via the embassy
* England Personal application in Amsterdam of Düsseldorf
* Equatorial Guinea
Ethiopia legalisation document to be added for legalisation of documents
* Ethiopia
* Gabon
* Gambia
* Ghana
* Great Britain People in need of a visa must apply inline and the go in person to Düsseldorf (Germany) or Amsterdam
* Guinea
* Guinea Bissau
* India e-visa Visumdienst will get the application online
* India Brussels only for Belgians and Belgian residents. (for foreigners: inclusive copy of Belgian ID-card).For a business visa moreover an Additional form must be completed.
* India both business and tourist visa for those cases where an e-visa is not possible. Note: 2 photograph 5 x 5 cm
* India extra form for business visa Extra fom for business visas. See country information for all requirements
* India Undertaking Additional form for tourist visa in passport
India Brussels additional form for business visas to be added to a business visa application
* India Brussels
India The Hague extra form for foreigners Extra form for foreigners. residing in The Netherlands, or Dutch passport holders, originating from China, Bangladesh, Pakistan or Sri Lanka
* Indonesia Brussels only for Belgians and Belgian residents
* Indonesia electronic application to be filled up on screen. After lodging it must be printed and signed.
* Indonesia authorisation Must be completed and signed by anyone who applies for a visa through us.
Indonesia example of invitation (for visit to friends or family > 60 days: must be completed, signed and legalized by local (Indonesian) government, and be lodged with a copy of the KTP-card of the Indonesian relation.
* iraq
* Ireland online application
* Ivory Coast vissa on arrival in Abidjan
Ivory Coast embassy form
* Jordan
Jordan Brussels
* Kenya Brussels
Kuwait call V&V Rotterdam
* Kyrgyzstan
* Laos
* Lebanon
* Madagascar
* Malaysia
* Moldavia also known als Moldova
* Mongolia both for tourism and business
Montenegro No visa for Western-Europeans. If visa required: personal application
* Mozambique
Myanmar meditation visa
* Myanmar tourist visa from Brussels embassy
* Nepal Brussels to be used when visa is applied for in Brussels (through V&V Breda)
New Zealand
* Niger
* Nigeria if you cannot complete online If you cannot fill up the online form you can use this form, then we will complete it online. Charges 45 Euros.
* Nigeria online form online form. U=i you cannot manage to get it completed please use the other form.The we will put it online.
North Korea for to be lodged for visa authorisation
* Oman
* Pakistan
Papua New Guinea
* Papua New Guinea health form
Russia extra form for former USSR citizens
Russia guarantee letter Required when the Visumdienst arranges the business invitation.
* Russia online form Please use login Name "visumdienst1", in that case we can review end edit the form if necessary. Start the form with country: mention under "Choose Country" the country where the visa will be applied for, not "Russia.
Russia examplke of business invitation
* Rwanda
Sao Tomé en Principe
* Saudi Arabia Applicationform
Saudi Arabia authorisation Authorisation that the Visumdienst may withdraw the passport at the consulate
Saudi Arabia medical report necessary for the applcation of a workvisa. Can be completed by a GP, and must then be legalised.
Saudi Arabia through Brussels embassy
Serbia and Montenegro
* Sierra Leone
South Korea
* South-Korea to be completed online
* South-Sudan
* Surinam e-visa single entry tourist visa. Max 90 days.
* Syria English form
Syria french form
Syria for (former) Iraq citizens (former) Iraq citizens might be asked to come to the embassy in person: please give telephone number
* Taiwan
* Tajikistan
* Tanzania
Thailand travel plan tourist to be conmpleted by those who wish a tourist visa
Trinidad & Tobago
Turkey to be completed on screen No more visas upon arrival
* Turkey e-visa Complete this form and send it to us with a copy of your passport.
* Turkmenistan
* Uganda
* Ukrain a visa is only required for those who wantto stay > 90 days
United Arab Emirates Western-European and American travellers get their visas upon arrival
* United Kingdom online application. Afterwards applicant has to go in person in Amsterdam or Düsseldorf
* United States of America ESTA application complete and mail to us with passport copy
United States of America (USA) download the form
* Uzbekistan form to be comp;eted online and printed
* Vietnam Brussels
* Yemen
* Yemen Brussels only for Belgians and Belgian residents
* Zambia
* Zanzibar see Tanzania

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