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Visumdienst Breda
Last update:
07-04-2020 10:15u
Alert: voor Kalininrad en Sint Petersburg kunnen wij online visa regelen

Visa order information Russia (RU)

Will you soon be traveling to Russia? On holiday in Russia? Or go for business to Russia? You will find all information about applying for your visa for Russia. Visumdienst is experienced to arrange visa application, so that your travel documents for Russia are in order!

Visa needed
Send application to
valid till 6 months after stay


Parkstraat 99
2514 JH Den Haag
19-21 Avenue Emile de Mot
B-1000 Brussel

Requirements for visa application

valid till 6 months after stay
Number of application forms
1, te be completed online 
Allowed to download the application form?
Application form and task form
Please do fill in both forms
Download application forms
Download application forms
Download application forms online form
Remark: Please use login Name "visumdienst1", in that case we can review end edit the form if necessary. Start the form with country: mention under "Choose Country" the country where the visa will be applied for, not "Russia.
Download application forms examplke of business invitation
Download application forms extra form for former USSR citizens
Download application forms guarantee letter
Remark: Required when the Visumdienst arranges the business invitation.
Download application forms

Application forms
Private trip Breda
Business trip Breda
Instructions for filling up Toon alle informatie
Number of (passport size) photographs
1 (via the embassy in the Hague, a photo of max. 3 months) 
Business trip
Invitation letter from Russian company (witj INN- and KPP-numbers), or an authorisation from Immigration Service (OVIR) in Russia. We can also arrange this invitation/authorisation,
but then we need an employer's statement and a recent salary slip.
Tourist trip
Hotelvoucher voor visasupport
private visa: ORIGINAL authorisation from OVIR
tourist visas are only valid from 5 days after date of issue
Other requirements
copy residence permit for foreigners outside the Schengen-area
Russia declaration from insurer, covering the period of the requested visa
foreigners: copy of residence permit / proof of residence
The Visaservice can arrange either Touristic or business LOI's

When printing the application form put "Scaling"on None. Do not forget to sign the form.
Visa charges
€ 65 + eventuele kosten voor voucher of zakeljike toestemming. Spoedvisa €128, bemiddeling € 90.
hier bovenop komen de kosten voor bemiddeling, verzenden en BTW
Delay for application
7 days 
Use visa before
according to application
Validity to stay
according to application
Number of entries
one/multiple (oinly for business visas)
Visum requirements according to embassy

Other data Russia

Language on Embassy/Consulate

Netherlands Embassy in Russia

Kalashny Pereulok 6
103009 Moscow

T: 00-7 095 7972900
F: 00-7 095 7972904
Url: http://www.netherlands.ru
Email: mos@minbuza.nl

Netherlands Consulate in Russia

Moika 11
191186 Sint Petersburg

T: 00-7 812 3150197
F: 00-7 812 3148188
  Email: pet@minbuza.nl
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Visumdienst Breda
Postbus 4786
tel 076 - 56 12 139

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