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Visumdienst Breda
Last update:
03-04-2020 13:34u
Alert: voor een verblijf tot 30 dagen is er geen visum nodig.

Visa order information Kazachstan (KZ)

Will you soon be traveling to Kazachstan? On holiday in Kazachstan? Or go for business to Kazachstan? You will find all information about applying for your visa for Kazachstan. Visumdienst is experienced to arrange visa application, so that your travel documents for Kazachstan are in order!

Visa needed
Send application to
valid till 6 months after stay + copy


Badhuisweg 91
2587 CE 's-Gravenhage
Avenue Van Bever 30
B-1180 Brussel


Requirements for visa application

valid till 6 months after stay + copy
Number of application forms
Allowed to download the application form?
Application form and task form
Please do fill in both forms
This form cannot be downloaded. Please contact V&V Visumdienst Breda

Application forms
Private trip Breda
Business trip Breda
Instructions for filling up Toon alle informatie
Number of (passport size) photographs
Business trip
multiple entry visa: authorisation from Kazakh Foreign Office
guarantee letter, with details of the company to be visited
Tourist trip
letter from the traveller winth information about the planned trip

Other requirements

authorisation only for 3 or multiple entry visas
* please copy applicartion form double-sided
Visa charges
3 maanden 1 inreiz € 50, 3m2e € 90, 3m3m € 150, 1jme € 170
hier bovenop komen de kosten voor bemiddeling, verzenden en BTW
Delay for application
one week, urgent 2 days 
Use visa before
3 month
Validity to stay
1 month - 1 year
Number of entries
Visum requirements according to embassy

Other data Kazachstan

Language on Embassy/Consulate

Kazakhstan Tourist Association

98 Zheltoksan Street
480091 Almaty
T: 00372 2 629100
F: 00372 2 629106
Url: http://www.tour.kz.com

Netherlands Embassy in Kazachstan

Kosmonavtov street 62< renco building 3th floor, Microdistrict Chubary
010000 Astana

T: +7 7172 555450
F: +7 7172 555474
Url: http://kazachstan.nlembassy.org
Email: ast@minbuza.nl

Netherlands Consulate in Kazachstan

Nauryzbai Batyr street 103
050022 Almaty

T: +7 727 2503773
F: +7 727 2503772
  Email: alm-ea@minbuza.nl
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Visumdienst Breda
Postbus 4786
tel 076 - 56 12 139

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