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Visumdienst Breda
Last update:
03-04-2020 13:34u

Visa order information Indonesia (ID)

Will you soon be traveling to Indonesia? On holiday in Indonesia? Or go for business to Indonesia? You will find all information about applying for your visa for Indonesia. Visumdienst is experienced to arrange visa application, so that your travel documents for Indonesia are in order!

Visa needed
Send application to
upon arrival max. 30 days, or via Visumdienst Breda (max. 60 days)
6 months valid upon arrival


Tobias Asserlaan 8
2517 KC 's-Gravenhage


Requirements for visa application

6 months valid upon arrival
Number of application forms
Allowed to download the application form?
Application form and task form
Please do fill in both forms
Download application forms example of invitation
Remark: (for visit to friends or family > 60 days: must be completed, signed and legalized by local (Indonesian) government, and be lodged with a copy of the KTP-card of the Indonesian relation.
Download application forms Brussels
Remark: only for Belgians and Belgian residents
Download application forms authorisation
Remark: Must be completed and signed by anyone who applies for a visa through us.
Download application forms electronic application
Remark: to be filled up on screen. After lodging it must be printed and signed.

Application forms
Private trip Breda
Business trip Breda
Instructions for filling up Toon alle informatie
Number of (passport size) photographs
Business trip
guarantee letter, invitation with copy of tje KTP-card of the undersigner
business or multiple entry visa: authorisation form Immigration Service
Tourist trip
booking confrimation or copy of ticket
family visit: invitation (zie onder download) and copy of KTP card of inviter
Other requirements
one booking confirmation per person
authorisation to the visumdienst to deal with the application
kinderen zie extra informatie
* inclusief 1 Euro toeslag voor visumdiensten

This applies to people leaving Indoneasia and coming back
Visa charges
€ 50
hier bovenop komen de kosten voor bemiddeling, verzenden en BTW
Delay for application
one week 
Use visa before
3 months
Validity to stay
60 days
Number of entries
Visum requirements according to embassy

Other data Indonesia

Language on Embassy/Consulate
see www.lcr.nl

Indonesia Tourist Promotion Office

3-4 Hannover Street
GB-London W1R 9HH
T: 00-44 207 4930030

Netherlands Embassy in Indonesia

Jalan H.R. Rasuna Said, Kavel S-3,
Kuningan, Jakarta 12950

T: +62 21 5241029
F: +62 21 5700734
Url: http://indonesie.nlambassade.org/
Email: jak@minbuza.nl

Netherlands Consulate in Indonesia

Jl. Raya Kuta 127
Kuta, Denpasaar 80001
P.O.Box 3337, Denpasar 80001
T: +62-361-761502
F: +62-361-754897
  Email: dutchconsulate@kcbtours.com
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Visumdienst Breda
Postbus 4786
tel 076 - 56 12 139

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