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Visumdienst Breda
Last update:
18-01-2019 11:33u

India - Checklist business

All people intending to apply for a visa must go in person to one of the visa offices. This is a long  and expensive procedure. Another possibility is an e-visa. We can arrange that online and only takes 3 days. This visa can by used for touristic and casual business trips, and is valid for a max. stay of 40 days. It can only be issued twice a year.

For all foreigners living in the Netherlands a copy of the resident permit must be added or an Üittreksel GBA" In case these peolple have lived in The Netherlands for less than 1 (tourist) or 2 years (business people) , the application takes longer and is more expensive. Visa applications for British citizens must be processed at the Indian High Commission in Londen 

The application form must be fully completed, all questions must be answered;
In the guarantee letter of the company the position and function of the applicant must be explained and his passport number must be mentioned. The name and function of the person who signs te letter must be mentined. Moreover the embassy wants to know details of the planned trip. 
In the invitation letter from India the Company Registration Number of the Indian company must be mentioned; in the letter the full name and passportnumber of the person concerned are obligatory. The letter must be addressed to the Indian embassy in The Hague.
A copy of the flight schedule is required;
An extract from the Chamber of Commerce is required.

Please mind In the invitation letter and/or the guarantee letter the passport number of the person concerned must be mentioned.


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